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Annual Learning Disability Health Checks

Annual health check

An annual health check is conducted by one of our Practice Nurses who will take a closer look at how you are doing – making sure you’re healthy.

  • They are available for most people aged 14 and older with a learning disability
  • You don’t need to be ill to get a health check, but you can ask your Nurse about anything that is hurting or worrying you
  • If you are happy, the Nurse can do some simple tests to keep you healthy.

Watch this video below or click on this link to find out about annual health checks on YouTube

Find out more about annual health checks in this easy read leaflet from Mencap

To book your Flu vaccination or Annual Health Check telephone The Avenue Surgery on 01273 606214.

We know our phone lines are very busy so suggest you try between 11 and 12 noon or 5 and 6pm.

Having a smear test / cervical screening

Having a cervical screening can stop you getting cervical cancer. Having the smear test saves thousands of lives every year.

If you are aged 25 to 49, the NHS will offer you the test every 3 years.

If you are aged 50 to 64, the NHS will offer you the test every 5 years.

For an easy guide about having a smear test for women aged 25 to 64 click here.

Video – What happens at a smear test?

This video is about smear tests. It tells you what happens at a smear test and why it is important. Women with a learning disability are in the video and helped us make it.

We will contact our female patients when their smear test is due.

Date published: 11th January, 2022
Date last updated: 11th January, 2022