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Staff Update at The Avenue Surgery: December 2021

After a long period of ill health, Dr Hacking returned to The Avenue Surgery in mid September.  He has now decided to reduce his hours as he plans his retirement.  He will be working two days per week starting from January 2022.

Dr Hannah Gould Brown is currently recovering from planned surgery and is unlikely to return to work until mid January at the earliest.  We wish her a speedy recovery.

As you know there is a national shortage of GPs, however rest assured we are doing everything we can to recruit more doctors.  We are pleased to welcome Safoora Azimi, Clinical Pharmacist, who will be working with our GPs from 4 January 2022

Unfortunately with Dr Gould Brown recuperating at home and Dr Hacking cutting down we will be unable to provide our normal level of service in the short term.

And finally we are delighted to announced that our Practice Nurse, Maddy Chapman, safely delivered her baby at the end of October.  We look forward to welcoming her back later in the new year.

We will update you with any news as soon as we can.